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At Stocky & Dee we believe your dog's accessories should compliment, not cover up their beauitfuly coat. 

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  • Apricot

What works best with Red?

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Red works with so many colours but we've narrowed it down! Firstly, the Graphite just ouzes class but if you're looking for some colour we'd go with the Freesia or the Melon. Melon will highlight any deeper patches of red and really compliment throughout

What works best with Black/White?

Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 13.56.08.png__PID:5cb0f2a8-0341-4e5a-bd78-6926117e137a

Let's point out the obvious first, the graphite! Yes! Talk about chic. With coats of different colours we think the Classic Collection works best as otherwise colours can get a bit 'busy' so if the grahite is not quite your design then try the Black & Grey, Rosehip or Green.

What works best with Black?

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 13.56.19.png__PID:7e94571f-ef8d-4d55-aa4e-f7c9a8926214
Rosehip & Dove - Harris Design - Luxury dog collar.jpg__PID:571fef8d-8d55-4a4e-b7c9-a8926214051d

We hear people say "it's hard to dress a black dog" but we disagree! There are so many colours that work on shiny black coats, even the contraversial Navy. Let's start with our Rosehip, black & red is an old but classy combination! Go subtle with our Graphite design or try our pink options. 

Perhaps we haven't covered your pups colour?

Send us some images below and we'd be delighted to share our style opinion