Ice Blue & Dove - Harris Design - Dog Harness
Ice Blue & Dove - Harris Design - Dog Harness

Ice Blue & Dove - Harris Design - Dog Harness

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Handmade in our Scotland based studio, our products are made to order and suitable for all dogs. Using high quality yarn to create our eye catching designs, and protective materials within to ensure they are machine washable and durable, our products are built to not only last but to make your dogs look their best.

 Size suggestions:

  • Toy Breed: 10mm thick - (Chihuahua, Dachshund) 
  • Xsmall: 15mm thick - (Miniture Poodle, Dachaund etc.)
  • Small/Thin: 15mm thick - Jack Russel, Boarder Terrier etc.)
  • Small: 20mm thick - (Jack Russel, Spaniel etc.)
  • Medium: 20mm thick - (Spaniel, cockapoo etc.)
  • Large: 25mm thick -  (lab, beagle, labradoodle etc.)
  • XLarge: 25mm thick - (Retriever, St Bernard etc.)

 Measuring Instructions: 

 - Refer to diagram in photo's above - 

  • A: From Just below where the Collar would sit - to the base of the harness, just behind legs. (Bottom of B - to the Bottom of C)
  • B: Circumference of the body/ribs from behind the legs
  • C: Neck width, roughly half way between where the collar would sit and the shoulders.

Please leave sizes in your basket note, or feel free to come back to us with them after purchase. Sizes do not have to be exact as there is plenty of room for adjusting throughout, these just help us to provide the most room possible. 

Marerials Used

  • Knitted Material: 55% Merino & 45% Cotton.
  • Backed with a luxurious velvet for your dogs comfort
  • Inner polypro webbing for strength

Washing Instructions:

  • machine washable 
  • wash instide pillowcase, with a towel or in hessian bag provided
  • cool wash (20 degree)