Puppy Pack

Puppy Pack

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We love to see puppies in our products, but understand that they grow up so fast! Add Puppy Pack to your basket and receive a matching puppy size collar half price. 

Step 1 - From our range of collars or our Deisgn Your Own section - Select the collar that your dog will wear when fully grown (eg. Spaniel = Medium) and add to your cart. 

Step 2 - Add this 'Puppy Pack' to your cart, selecting from the options of XSmall or Small (sizes below) and we will create a matching collar for your pup to wear from now, until theyre big enough to fit the big collar. 

 Offer is available with Bundles - Add Puppy Pack to your cart along with the selected bundle and we will add a matching puppy size collar. 

 Size suggestions:

  • Toy Breed: 10mm thicnkess - Up to 10" (Dachshund Puppy, Bichon Frise Puppy)
  • Xsmall: 15mm thickness - neck size 8"-12" (Spaniel Puppy, Schnauzer Puppy etc.)
  • Small/Thin: 15mm thickness - Neck size 12"-16" (Lab Puppy etc.)
  • Small: 20mm thickness - Neck size 12"-16" (Lab Puppy etc.)



Any queries with sizes, please do get in touch. Most pups will be in the XS puppy size. Larger sizes are available, please let us know if thats something you would like (available for large dogs such as St Bernards, Newfoundland, Husky etc.)