8 Ways Our Dogs Change Us

8 Ways Our Dogs Change Us

Discuss poo too often…

‘How was her poo?’ It’s a question that we may ask each other a lot, and in the early days of dog ownership it may be followed by an ‘eeeew’ or ‘don’t be disgusting’ but fast forward a few months and the discussion can often be in depth. Consistency is discussed at length followed by theories as to why it may different than usual, perhaps it was that new treat they had or they’re just over excited!

Dog hair becomes normal…

Before these beloved furry creatures join the family, the sight of a few hairs on the sofa would often be unacceptable and quickly picked up. For those that have succumbed to the pressures of letting the dog on the sofa (nothing like a good sofa cuddle) the benchmark for how much hair is too much hair has risen significantly. When you list ‘de-haired’ the sofa, were you a little shocked as to how much came off? 
Quick tip: using window squeegee is a really efficient way of getting hair off the sofa.

Nose blind

We’ve all seen the nose blind febreze advert and we all think, ‘this would never be me, I’ll always know if my home smells of dog!’ Like with the hair, you become accustomed to the doggy smell that comes after they’ve taken a dip in the river, and what used to be pungent might now just be a faint smell. Perhaps you’re on top of it and going through lovely smelly candles quickly, it’s certainly a good excuse to get another one isn’t it!
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Spend more on dog than yourself

Hands up if you spend more on your dog than on yourself? The joy we get from treating our beloved dogs to a new outfit or accessory often far outweighs the joy we get from treating ourselves. Plus, when we treat them we are also treating ourselves aren’t we? After all, they are an extension of ourselves in some ways!

Learn responsibility and planning 

Especially from the puppy days, you quickly learn that someone always has to have an eye on the puppy! You learn how to fit your dog’s needs into your day, or work your usual day around your dog. Dogs love routine and don’t like it when it’s changed, so always having their needs in mind teaches us to plan and schedule to ensure they’re living their best life!


An obvious bonus to having a dog and perhaps not a change as such for many but our dogs need exercise, even Stella (Stocky & Dee’s bulldog mascot) requires a gentle stroll from time to time! Whether we like it or not, we’re out and about with our dogs a lot and just like the phrase ‘you never regret a workout’ you never regret a dog walk!

Discover new places and people

Our dogs love to explore, whether it’s exploring a new room you’ve just taken them to or exploring the outdoors. We discover so many new and exciting places with our dogs and they’re often places we wouldn’t have discovered without a dog.
On top of new places we also meet lovely new people! Whether it’s out on walks or in the buzzing social hub of the dog instagram dog world there are millions of like minded dog lovers out there. The great thing about meeting new people through our dogs is that there is always something to talk endlessly about….our dogs!

Companionship and enrichment of life

Those puppy dog eyes remind us that we are all loved and help cheer us up when we are down. Their unwavering love is a source of great happiness and joy and just looking at them can fill your heart. They enrich our lives in so many ways and the companionship they provide is perfection.
“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than they love themselves.”

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