A Typical Morning - By Stella

I’m rudely awaken every morning at around 7am when my bedroom light is switched on by father, I sleep in the spare room because I deserve a queen sized bed a nothing less, naturally. After a few seconds of stretching, yawning and general calmness I suddenly realise, I NEED FOOD NOW!!!! 
I frantically jump off the bed and skid into my food bowl, WHERE IS IT?? Father take his bloody time to get my food prepared, meanwhile I’m dying of hunger down here! I see the food tipped into the bowl on the counter, WHY CAN’T I EAT IT YET?!?! Father always runs away to the sink after he tips it into the bowl screaming ‘eeew, eeeew, eeeeww’, not quite sure why, its yummy raw meat!
GIVE ME MY FOOD!!!!! Finally I see the bowl picked up, I slip and slide in a panic back to the the usual area where my bowl is placed, I’m then told to sit…WHY!!?!?!?! The food is right in front of me, LET ME EAT HUMAN!!! Finally, I hear ‘ok’…. and the next few seconds a blur….a tasty, tasty blur. 
After polishing off everything in the bowl bar the paint, I head into my parents room to wake up Mother.  Quick hop up onto the bed, oh there’s she is, I’ll head over and snort a bit of raw meat in her face to express my excitement for seeing her! 
Lovely, thats that done now back to sleep!
- an hour or so later -
Whats that collar doing on me? This must have been done while I was asleep….assault! Leave me be, I’m exhausted! No I don’t want to go to the studio, why do you say this as if I enjoy it? I Don’t! How else can I make my feelings clearer, you literally drag me off the sofa and down the stairs! Ok, ok I’ll come! But I’m not happy about it, and I won’t be participated in any photo shoots so get that camera out of my face! 

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