3 Tips to help your dog on fireworks night

45% of dogs in the uk show a fear of fire works. Our dogs have around 10x more sensitive hearing than us, and in particular when it comes to hi frequency noises such as fire works and hoovers. 
As well as the effect on their hearing, it is also the timings of the bangs that can make dogs anxious as it's out of the norm and dogs can't make sense of it like we can.
What to look for?
Signs of stress in a dog can be any variation of things like barking, digging, hiding, crying, growling, running away or evening peeing/pooing indoors. 
Here are a few ways you can help your dog.
1. Tire your dog out before hand
Taking your dog out for a long walk or throwing the ball around the park can be a great way to prepare them for the evening ahead as it's releasing excess energy and increasing the chances of a more relaxed evening. 
2. Create a safe space
Creating a safe space for your dog away from the bangs and flashes, perhaps in the middle of your house, can be a great way to allow your dog to sooth itself. Pulling the curtains and generally dampening the sound of the bangs is a great help to.
3. Play some dance music
Some people enjoy classical music and this can be a great way to sooth your dog however on a night like tonight where the bangs are the real issue, perhaps try some music with a strong beat that can mask the sound of the bangs and provide some consistent and steady noise that your dog can understand more. And if they music gets you going too, get up and dance! Your dog will feed off your positive energy.

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