How to keep our dogs safe in the sun

Hot dogs
How to keep your dog cool in the heat
Is everyone enjoying the warm weather this summer? We certainly are! Our dogs love the warm weather too but, like humans, they need to be taken care of in the sun and heat. Below are a few point on how we keep our dogs safe in the sun, and some things to keep an eye out for.
Did you know…?
Dogs regulate their body heat by panting and can only sweat from their paw pads. All dogs pant and we know what it sounds like when our dog is really panting overtime so this would be something to keep an eye out for. Certain breeds pant more than others, and are able to handle the heat better than others. Breeds such as bulldogs and pugs for example (Brachycephalic breeds) are vey ineffective panters. Each breath they take, provides less air to the lungs than other breeds therefore they are much more vulnerable in the heat. 
What we do…
Water & Shade - It sounds simple, and it is! Always have water and shade nearby when out for a sunny walk or relaxing in the park. Choose forested walks, river walks, somewhere where they can wet/cool their paws or go out early morning or late afternoon when the sun and heat is less. Beach walks are of course a popular destination however in extreme temperatures the sand can burn a dog paw pads. There are some great doggy water bottle solutions out there for dogs, reusable and easy for our dogs to drink from. Shade is key also, even seemingly brief periods of direct sunlight and intense heat can be life threatening for our dogs, particularly for certain breeds.
Walk not Run - Dogs will collapse before giving up, they will go and go (unless they’re our Bulldog Stella, she will quite happily refuse to walk any further) so be careful with their exercise in the heat, walk not run. Always keep an eye on your dog during really hot days in the sun, if you’re really hot, it’s likely your dog is even hotter as temperatures as low as 20 degrees can cause heatstroke in dogs.
A few other ways to provide your dogs stimulation without being outside or running or though the use of toys such as Kongs or even playing hide and seek with small treats around the home. 
Below are some lovely dog friendly recipes that can not only cool your dogs down on hot day but also provide them with much needed activity and stimulation.

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