Renew & Recycle

How many toys has your dog destroyed, or perhaps they've got hold of the lead on a walk and decided it was particularly tasty? How many products on the dog accessory market are truly ‘indestructible'......?
Whether they’re big or small, we all know our dogs can give a shredder a run for its money if they put their minds to it, and in the regular day to day life of a dog, accidents happen. Limiting waste and being kinder to our environment is at the forefront of all our minds, and to help do our bit we have created our Renew & Recycle Program.

Renew & Recycle is a program with a single goal; to limit the amount of items that go to landfill, and to extend the life cycle of each and every Stocky & Dee product. As we build each product within our studio, we have the unique ability to reuse as much material as possible from any damaged product. Whether it’s just the metals, or perhaps it’s a portion of the knit itself, we love to be creative and we are encouraging our customers to never throw any S&D product away without first getting in touch with us. 

  At Stocky & Dee we create luxury, handmade dog accessories and although they are durable, we do appreciate that some dogs like to explore and go on adventures more than others. Rope on a lead can be replaced, the knit on a collar can be repaired, and there are many ways in which we can utilise our team of makers in order to continue the lifecycle of these products and limit our impact on the environment. 

If your dog has taken a bit too much of a liking to one of our products other than the liking of looking fabulous, get in touch with us below and let's see what can be done extend the life cycle of the product. Each case will be dealt with on an individual basis with regards to the cost of repairs and what exactly can be done with the item.  

Renew & Recycle and our Pup-Cycle Program are two of the many ways we at Stocky & Dee are doing our bit to limit our impact on the environment. 

Get in touch below using the subject line 'Renew & Recycle'.