NEW! Rainbow Collection Charity Launch

NEW! Rainbow Collection Charity Launch

The Rainbow Collection was born off the back of the NHS Rainbow image created during the first lockdown. We saw a need to support dog homes during the period as they were unable to raise funds to care for their animals through the usual methods and we wanted to help where we could. As a very young and new business at the time, with products still being made on the kitchen table, we decided to donate 50% of profits from any sale of the Rainbow Collar to charity. We raised over £1500 for Mrs Murrays Dog & Cat Home and we are now in a position to grow this program further and provide more support for dog homes in the UK.
With this new launch, we will now be donating 100% of profits from the sale of our new Rainbow Collection (collar, leads, harnesses and bows) to dog homes in the UK. Unlike before where the donations went to a single home, in order to spread our support we will partner with a new charity every 4-5 months. We at Stocky & Dee are really excited about this new launch and hope it raises some really meaningful funds for dog homes around the country.
The Rainbow Collection was the first of our two charitable programs at Stocky & Dee and together with Pup-Cycle they make a big part of what we do. Our founder Mairi recently visited our local dog home to donate some collars and was blown away with the love and attention these gorgeous animals are given, and came away with a greater determination to help further. These animals deserve loving forever homes and we hope the support we provide helps on that journey. 
Donations will be update on our Rainbow Collection page where further information on the charity can be found along with a direct link to their page. We will be posting further information on each respective home during our partnerships and hope that it brings more awareness of these incredible charities. If there’s a charity near you that you think could really use some support, do get in touch!

Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home 

As we did before with Mrs Murrays Dog & Cat Home, we’re starting locally! Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home are our local dog home (now being in Edinburgh, previously in Deeside). We visited the home, meeting some of the staff and some of their beautiful residents and fell in love, a heartwarming clip of our visit can be found here.
We’re delighted to be partnering with such a great charity to kick off our new launch of the Rainbow Collection and we can’t wait to see how much we can raise for them. 
Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home has been part of the fabric of our city since 1883, working in partnership with the Council and Police services by welcoming lost or abandoned pets from all corners of Edinburgh and the Lothians. We were founded by citizens whose love of animals motivated them to take action to alleviate the plight of strays roaming the streets of the city at that time. From opening our doors in 1884 at Comely Bank Gardens, to the present day at Seafield Road East, the Home has continued to expand and help thousands of dogs and cats in need. 
Our Vision is to create a community where unwanted and mistreated animals are given a voice and a second chance for a happy and forever home; and where anybody who can, will act to advocate for animals still suffering.

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