5 tips for staying safe with your dog this winter

5 tips for staying safe with your dog this winter

As the cold weather draws in and we dust off our coats and hats, finding treats and poo bags in our pockets from last year, we must remember that it’s not just us that can be affected by the cold weather. Other than wrapping them up in layers, here’s a few things that are worth considering this winter to make sure your dog has the very best time!

Soak up the daylight!

Winter can be a tad depressing at times, for us and also for our dogs. It’s dark a lot and it’s cold wet and often a bit miserable outside. We need to use our pets as a way to get out and about during this time as they need it as much as we do. Get out for a walk during the day and soak up some daylight. Change your routine slightly if possible, (not massively though as our dogs don't like change) and make sure you’re out walking your dog when it’s light outside.
If it’s difficult for you to change your schedule and get your dog out in the sun as much as you’d like, daylight lamps in the home can also be affected tools for your dog but of course not a replacement for the real thing

Playing Indoors

Even if your dog is an outdoor dog, it’s only natural that you will spend more time indoors at this time of year. Make sure your dog has plenty of things to play with and things to keep it busy and stimulated. We quite often play hide and seek with Stella in the house using treats, she’s not the best when it comes to using her nose so it’s not always a particularly quick game but it keeps her excited!

Wrap Up

It’s not always a necessity however certain breeds can really benefit from a coat if it is particularly cold outside, such as fine coated dogs like greyhounds. If coats aren’t your thing then there’s always a stylish snood to give your dog (and you) that extra bit of warmth. 

Check the paws

Give their paws a good clean if they’ve been on or near salted roads and pavements. The grit can get stuck between their toes and as you can image it’s not particularly nice.

Count your calories

Only joking of course, but as we’re out less and on shorter walks, just like humans our dogs could start to gain some weight over the winter so maybe worth keeping on eye on their food intake (if they’re prone to get a bit chubby like ours).
Most importantly of course…..have fun!
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