The Dogs Christmas Dinner | What can my dog eat?

The Dogs Christmas Dinner | What can my dog eat?

The answer is very little….
There are many things within our usual Christmas dinners that we may think are ok for our dogs to eat however many parts of our Christmas dinners can be toxic to our dogs and should be avoided. Here are a few things to avoid and why.


Nuts are a staple of a lot of our Christmas’ and are often found round the house. Believe it order not, some nuts such as macadamias and walnuts can be toxic to dogs but most commonly they can become throat obstructions or cause upset stomachs. 

Mince Pies

Sadly another yummy treat that shouldn't be shared with our dogs this Christmas. These pies not only often contain alcohol but are full of fat and most importantly raisons and sultanas which are not good for our dogs. 


Need we explain more? We all know chocolate is toxic for our dogs so lets make sure our chocolate boxes are are safely out of their way this Christmas, and keep an eye on the toddlers lovingly treating your dog to a dairy milk snack. 

Onions, Garlic, Leeks & Shallots

Bad! These 4 ingredients are all toxic to dogs and we need to be aware of foods that may contain them such as gravy and stuffings. 


Of course most dogs love a good chew on a bone, perhaps one of the most common chew toys for dogs. The thing to be aware of here however is cooked bones, dogs should not be given them. Cooked bones, unlike raw bones, become brittle and can cause splinters and bleeding if our dogs chew them. 


No, the dog doesn’t need a sip of Prosecco, even if it is Christmas Day! PAWsecco does exist however, best to go with that option for your dog as Alcohol is bad news. 
Christmas is a time for the whole family and we hope these tips will be a help you have the best Christmas ever!
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