Top 5 Dog Walks in Edinburgh

Top 5 Dog Walks in Edinburgh

Below are our favourite walks in and around Edinburgh. A city that is surrounded in fantastic walks we struggled to limit it to just 5 but if you haven’t ticked these off your list yet, we suggest giving them a go.

Blackford Hill

A lovely array of options on and around the hill itself. Climb the hill and take in some breathtaking views of the city from the top and then head down for a walk along the gorgeous river inside the forest. Heading upstream along the river it’ll take you to a lovely little coffee shop at the Lodge Coffee House.

Arthurs Seat

A favourite of anyone that visits the city of Edinburgh. A little more than a gentle stroll awaits you if you want to get to the very top but the views are well worth it. If the very top seems a little too much then the park itself is huge and offers a huge amount of options to create your own walk. With the Royal Mil on a short walk away, the options for a quick coffee or a bite to eat after your walk are endless.

Cammo Estate

Whether its rivers, forrest or open fields Cammo Estate has it all. A huge amount of options for walks long and short, and a selection of ancient ruins are scattered around the estate.
See Stella & Oakley meeting for the first time at Cammo Estate

Gladhouse Reservoir

A little outside the city, one of the many reservoirs scattered around the Pentlands. Gladhouse takes you around a gorgeously calm reservoir with ample places to stop for a picnic and take in the peace and quiet.

Portobello Beach

A gorgeous beach with options for eating and drinking along the promenade. Turn left and walk to the end of the beach for some firmer sand and then turn around, when you hit the softer sand and the promenade, grab yourself a coffee and take in the views of East Lothian. 
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