Top 5 Dog Walks in London

Top 5 Dog Walks in London

Hampstead Heath

This is my favourite walk in London! You can get so lost and to be honest I still do now even after years of visiting. Find the Parliament Hill viewpoint and you can get your bearings, plus you can see the whole of London! 
If you a water loving pup head east or south towards the points where you can find special doggy entrances in to the water to cool off and enjoy a game of fetch. 
It also doesn’t matter what way you exit as there are great pubs all around:
North - The Spaniards which is a cosy wood panelled pub
East - The Flask in Highgate which had a lovely wisteria covered walled beer garden
South - Southampton Arms. An absolutely tiny long and narrow Ale and Cider House with a minimum of 18 beers and ciders (they are very proud of this) and brilliant home made scotch eggs and sausage rolls.
West - The Freemasons Arms which is a large open plan skylit gastro pub perfect for a Sunday roast but make sure you book ahead!

Greenwich Park

Another beautiful London park which has more to offer than just large open grassland. Greenwich has open flats, hills, forest, a museum and cafe, easy parking in the centre of the park and a few viewpoints.
Head to the centre of the park and you’ll find the Royal Observatory with the Prime Meridian Line indicating the western and eastern hemisphere. Hence our clocks go by GMT.
Head out the north exit and you have a chose of two pubs. The smaller tucked away Plume Of Feathers which is a bit more of a locals pub with pictures covering every wall. Or head to the water front and go to the Trafalgar Tavern which is a naval themed pub with view onto the Thames!

Wimbledon and Putney common

Situated in South West London right next to Richmond Park this common gives a great fusion between city and country life.
Surrounded by roads and both Putney and Wimbledon the commons and Heath are a beautiful escape into the countryside without leaving London. Hug the east side if you prefer grass land or head north if you prefer forest and health land.
If your coming from further afield head towards the Wimbledon windmill as there is parking (donation based) and a little cafe for a pick me up.

Nunhead Cemetery

Just east of Peckham Rye nestled in a slightly more residential pocket is one of the magnificent 7 cemeteries of London. By the middle of the 20th century the 52 acre cemetery was nearly full, and so was abandoned by the United Cemetery Company which meant it gradually changed from lawn to meadow and eventually to woodland. Trees and shrubs have grown throughout the grave stones turning the now reopened cemetery into a Halloween movie scene set.
Being the second largest of the magnificent 7 there are said to be almost 270,000 people buried there dating back to 1840!

Richmond Park

Everyone who had access to YouTube has see the ‘Fenton’ video and if you didn’t know already that was shot in Richmond park south west London. One of the eight royal park of London Richmond covered an area of 2,500 acres with open grass land, ponds, marsh and forest.
You can wonder aimlessly around the park and get lost in its beauty but you must try and find the royal ballets school in the centre of the park and look back along the tree lined path standing strong all the way across the park.
Beautiful come rain or shine but make sure to bring appropriate footwear! After a lovely wonder you can head out of the north west gate and find a lovely pub overlooking the River Thames.
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