Collection: Spring/Summer '24 Collection

Why Choose Us?

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Handcrafted in the UK

Founded by a love for dogs and passion for textile design, our team create pieces that are not only strong and practical but offer timeless style and unrivalled comfort.

Quality & Craftsmanship

In a world of fast fashion, we are slowing things down. Our products are created using quality materials and built with an unrelenting focus on the finer details. From the soft velvet lining to the robust metal fittings, our team take pride in the products they create and the knowledge they'll be worn by your beloved dogs.

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A team of dog lover

Like you, we care deeply about dogs and believe they all deserve a second shot at happiness and we are committed to helping dogs in need of homes across the UK. We do this through programmes such as our ‘Rainbow Collection’ and ‘Pup-cycle’.

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